Marshall Investments has an established track record with growth capital investments. Since 2018, the group has originated 7 transactions with a value of circa A$40 million.

Marshall Investments actively partners with companies seeking to raise capital to further their strategic growth. The provision of this capital via debt instruments is significantly less dilutive than raising further equity as it enables the existing company shareholders to preserve equity value and concentrate on business growth.

Growth debt loans, typically have the benefit of a senior secured interest over the assets of the company and the financial covenants on the borrower ensure there is monthly reporting to Marshall Investments so that any issues are identified on a timely basis.

Investment opportunities are based on an established co-investment model that aligns the interests of all stakeholders, including founders, advisers, venture capitalists and other funders, and investors.

If you are a business founder, venture fund or advisor looking for capital, please contact our team today.

We typically consider the following opportunities for growth companies Australia or New Zealand based:

Loan Size Term Business Model
Loan sizes between
$2m - $15m
Terms between
12 months - 48 months
Proven business model and track record of generating recurring revenue
Stage Sector Revenue
Can be pre-profit but with a clear path to profitability
Sector agnostic Revenue > $3m


If you are a business founder, venture fund or advisor who has a requirement for capital, please contact the team today
on +61 2 8239 2000 or 


If you are a sophisticated or institutional investor, please contact our team today
on +61 2 8239 2000 or