About Us

Creating Investment Value

Marshall Investments is a leading private investment company that is renowned for consistently delivering superior risk-weighted returns. 

Since its establishment in 1995 as a family office, Marshall Investments has been creating long-term wealth for all stakeholders. This has been achieved through principal investing and a successful co-investment model whereby the company has significant holdings in all opportunities. This structure supports wealth accumulation by aligning the interests of co-investors and capital partners.

Marshall Investments has assembled a dynamic portfolio including interests in property, securities, private equity, and venture capital. The company offers co-investment opportunities in property lending and growth credit to third-party investors.

Superior returns are underpinned by Marshall Investments’ established risk management framework and robust due diligence process, which is facilitated by the company’s team of highly experienced staff that demonstrate excellent technical expertise across multiple asset classes.

Marshall Investments are stewards of accountability, transparency, integrity, efficiency, and leadership. The company is committed to actively contributing to social good through the philanthropy of the Marshall Family Foundation.

Marshall Investments